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Mike in Honfleur, France


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Born in the first half of the last century, Mike is a classic example of an engineer. In his business he repairs audio and hi-fi equipment to a very high standard, offering free estimates and a 12 month guarantee.


In his private life he maintains his house, cars, all sorts of machines, indeed when it comes to things that work, when they don't, he usually has an answer.


Apart from the business, London Sound, Mike's greatest achievement is Hospital Radio.


Mike started Radio Edgware, believed to be London's first hospital radio station. Radio Edgware inspired, or members created Radio Brockley, Radio Harrow, Radio Wembley, Radio Northwick Park, Radio Mount Vernon, The Royal Free Network, and many others, (with Mike involved to some degree in all of them). The only stations in the above list that failed did so when the hospitals closed down or changed so much that hospital radio was no longer viable.


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